2018 Elections: « When You Opt To Jump Off A Cliff, Rather Than Use A Climbing Gear Right Next To You For A Gentle And Orderly Descend … » Eric Acha To Joshua Oshi

When you opt to jump off a cliff, rather than use a climbing gear right next to you for a gentle and orderly descend …

I have held my frustration with the SDF party for a while now, and out of respect for what the party once was, and it’s past contributions to the change process in that country.

But after reading this declaration (or call it an apology letter to Biya) from the SDF candidate Josua Osih, it won’t suffice and it will be an understatement to say I am dissapointed. (I am hoping it turns out to be a fake).

The timing and tone of the declaration clearly delineates a coverted attempt to frustrate any form of resistance from any other agents of change still mustering the courage and momentum to challenge the despotic system in Lrc.



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