The very generous Chantal and Paul Biya decided to help students in the Far North regions for the start of the school year 2018-2019. It is the Mobile Intervention Battalion which has sent the didactic material offered by the presidential couple to the big heart in favor of students and teachers.

 The ceremony was attended by the parents who thanked Chantal and Paul Biya for their kindness, in front of the Deputy Prefect of Fotokol. Here is the list of gifts of the presidential couple: 40 tables benches, 72 slates, 30 packets of notebooks, 03 packs of erasers, 12 packs of pens, 60 plotters, 12 boxes of chalk, 60 covers of notebook, 11 dozen size pencils, 12 dozen pencils.

The most funny thing is that these gifts are stamped with the BIR seal, as if it were a school of the Cameroonian army. A few weeks before the presidential election, this gesture is part of the electoral campaign of Paul Biya who has never been to the Far North since he declared war against Boko Haram who commits abuses in this part of the Cameroonian territory where students often take classes under a tree. It is always on the eve of each presidential election that Paul Biya remembers the Far North which he uses as his cattle with his more than 2 million voters. The literacy rate dropped from 51 to less than 30%.

On the other hand, when Patrice Talon comes to power, Benin has only 39.7% of literacy rate. The new head of state has put education at the heart of his priorities, and the literacy rate has jumped. The Benin government has just released the sum of 12 billion 378 million CFA francs for the start of the 2018-2019 school year, of which 3 billion 400 million for the students’ school canteens. The children are happy to go to school.

In addition, Patrice Talon has decided to pay re-entry, night work, incentives for areas of difficult access, performance, pedagogical days and gratuities to teachers of the MESTFP for an amount of $ 2 billion. million 961 thousand 400 FCFA, the payment of re-entry premiums, night work, incentives for areas of difficult access, yield, pedagogical days and gratuities to other teachers amounting to 4 billion 642 million 904 thousand 800 FCFA.

On the cake, the Beninese government will also proceed to pay the cash advance to the MEMP representing one quarter of the state subsidy for the operation of public kindergartens and primary schools for an amount of 1 billion 600 million 125 thousand CFA francs, the payment of the cash advance for the benefit of the MESTFP representing a quarter of the State subsidy for the contribution costs of the girls of the 1st cycle of public institutions in the amount of 622 million FCFA 500 thousand .

Regarding the specific treatment of honorary teachers (individual teachers), the Beninese government has decided to assign them personal identification numbers, and to increase their salaries. Some temporary teachers will now receive 2500 FCFA per hour, compared with 1500 in previous years, and others will go from 1500 CFA francs per hour to 1800 CFA francs.

Meanwhile, 20,000 records of Cameroonian teachers are still awaiting validation at the Ministry of Finance. Colleges and high schools are created by presidential decrees without buildings or benches. Since Biya came to power, scholarships for students and students have been eliminated. The university has become profitable. The education budget is undergoing surgical amputations. The priority is the army budget which has been multiplied by 10.

The islands of dictatorships in Central Africa favor only the army budget to maintain power. China has not developed thanks to its army, but through vocational training and education. As Danton said: “After bread, education is the first need of a people”.